9 Thoughts You Have When Your Crush Posts a Cute Selfie

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It’s tough following your super-cute crush on social media. And it’s mainly because, every so often, you get bombarded with an unbelievably attractive selfie of him. And then the internal screams-slash-endless-staring begins. And it all goes emotionally downhill from there. Cute boys — can’t live with ’em, can’t unfollow ’em.

So, the next time that your crush posts a selfie online, take note of these nine thoughts that you’ll definitely have:

1. “WOW.” Actual awe ensues.

In Awe

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2. “Okay, but how is this possible?” Followed by confusion at the insane level of hotness.

3. “I should wait a few minutes before ‘liking’ it.” So as not to seem like the obsessed person that you are.

4. “Have I been liking too many of his pictures in a row?” Gotta skip a few, all in the name of not raising any red flags.

5. *Screenshots and sends to best friends.*Because that’s just a given.

6. “Would a ‘like’ and a comment be overkill?” Probably not, but you can’t be too sure.

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7. *Creeps on his photos for 2 hours.* Your friends surely won’t mind you canceling your lunch plans for the tenth time because time got away from you.


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8. “I wish he were less hot.” But, like, not actually.

9. “This should be an #usie.” It would get double the ‘likes,’ no doubt about it.

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