7 Things You Feel When You Hear Your Crush Likes You Back

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Hearing that your crush likes you as much as you like him is awesome. Because half of the struggle of liking someone is either A) not knowing if they feel the same way or B) finding out that your crush is unfortch one-sided.

So, when you hear that the feeling is mutual, it’s like a party in your ears. But still, the experience doesn’t come without a roller coaster of emotions. These exact seven, to be specific:

1. Shocked. This can’t be real life! Oh, but it is.


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2. Elated. Causing you to do a little happy dance in your head.

Really Happy

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3. Doubtful. What if your friends are just pranking you? Grr.

Hold On

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4. Excited. Your mind runs wild thinking of the possibilities.


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5. Nervous. Also, full of stomach butterflies.

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6. Embarrassed. Who told him that you liked him in the first place?!

7. Invincible. “I’m going to walk right up to him and just ask him on a date.”

I'm Invincible

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