11 Things That Happen When You & Your BFF Like the Same Guy

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Things can get pretty weird when you and your best friend have crushes on the same guy. Having a big crush on someone is eventful all on its own, without being complicated by BFF love triangles and such. But, in case you’ve found yourself in that exact situation, here are 11 things that you can look forward to happening:

1. You find yourself comparing yourself to her constantly. Which, for the record, isn’t good at all.

2. You consider hooking her up with someone else. That way, your guy will be fair game.

3. You both agree not to pursue him. It’ll be tough, but it’s out of respect for your friendship.

4. You become an odd little trio. Because a duo is out of the question.

5. You think twice about gushing to her about him. You don’t want to accidentally make her like him even more.


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6. But you and your best friend weirdly start to bond over your shared crush anyway. “He looks so cute in those khakis, don’t you think? Of course you do.”

7. People constantly ask you how it isn’t weird between you and your BFF, considering the crush. It is, but sisters before misters and all.

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8. Even still, you’ll inevitably argue over it. “I saw him first!” “Okay, but I actually talk to him on a daily basis…”


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9. The guy will find out and flirt with both of you. Because boys.


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10. One of you will get over it faster than the other. Now, one of you can date him while the other wonders what she’d ever seen in him!

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11. You’ll look back and laugh yourselves. There’s comedy in the fact that you’re so similar that you even like the same guys.


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