8 Thoughts You Have When You Run Into An Ex with His New GF

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No one wants to unexpectedly run into their ex. It just happens via the laws of nature. But what’s even worse than that is an unexpected run-in with your ex… and his new girlfriend. Because the universe really does like to add insult to injury.

So, the next time that happens to you, remember that we warned you about these eight thoughts that you’re going to have:

1. “Nonononono. Why did I have to be at this exact place at this exact time?”

2. “His new girlfriend isn’t that cute.” But who are you kidding? You know she is.

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3. “How do I introduce myself to the girlfriend?” This is so awkward.


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4. “I sort of miss us.” NO. BAD. STOP.

5. “I hate how cute he still is.” Stupid attractive facial features.

6. “I have to make my life sound awesome without him. Oh yeah, I’m totally really busy, mature and generally cool.”

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7. “I wonder if she’s more of his ‘type’ than I am?” Even though you shouldn’t compare yourself to her, you definitely will.

8. “He better have waited sufficiently long after our break-up before dating again. Or else I’m offended.”

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