Quiz: Should You Unfollow Your Ex On Social Media?

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When things are going perfectly in a relationship, following bae on Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter and becoming friends on Facebook sounds like a flawless idea. It’s only when things go sour and you’re no longer nursing a case of the googley eyes that you reconsider this choice. But by then, it’s too late. You’re already in a mutual follow and the dreaded unfollow from either party is likely to cause suspicion of motives and, most of all, bruised feelings.

But, in the (edited) words of Tommy Pickles, an ex has got to what an ex has got to do. And sometimes, what that thing is is officially detach yourself from your old relationship by unfollowing your ex, once and for all. Not sure if it’s time for you, personally, to un-click that Follow button? Take our quiz to find out!