11 Times Your Celebrity Crush Has Broken Your Heart

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Dakota Fanning Breaking My Heart

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It’s tough having a celebrity crush. Some days you’re rabidly obsessed with him (we say ‘him’ and ‘he’ for the sake of consistency, but it can obviously be a girl, too) and have to actively stop yourself from daydreaming about him. Other days, you’re busy nursing your broken heart because he did or said something to make it that way. Like, for example, these 11 times:

1. When he didn’t follow you back on Twitter. Oh, okay, it’s totally cool. No worries, these are not tears of sadness, they’re tears of fun and happiness.

Daniel Radcliffe Wow

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2. When he didn’t respond to any of your million tweets. If at first you don’t succeed, apparently you will never.

3. When he got a girlfriend. It’ll be even worse when he gets married, trust us.

Breakfast Club Can't Believe

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4. When he said something offensive in an interview. Knowing that celebrities are humans who accidentally offend people sometimes doesn’t make it hurt any less.

5. When he excluded your city from his tour dates. Wow, so unfair!

6. When he held a live chat and didn’t answer your questions. “DON’T MIND ME, I AM INVISIBLE.”

7. When he admitted that a city that isn’t yours is his favorite city to perform. Despite the fact that you lost your voice screaming at the concert. Low blow.

You Think You Know People

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8. When he got in legal trouble. “I’m not angry, I’m just disappointed.”

Lana Del Rey Disappointed

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9. When he described his “type” and you didn’t fit it. Oh, that’s fantastic.

10. When he took too long to release a new album or movie. And you were left waiting foreverrr.

11. When he was accused of being rude to fans. Which is just unacceptable and everyone knows that.

Kristen Stewart That Sucks

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