13 Times Your Best Friend Was Basically Your Sister

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There’s a special, ultimate level of best friendship that is reached when your BFF is basically your sibling. Except even better. Because, most of the time, you’ve got a love-hate thing going on with your actual siblings, where you’re sort of always on each other’s nerves. But, since you get to choose your friends, that’s almost never the case. And that’s when you’ve got the best friendship recipe ever.

So, if any of these 13 things have ever happened with you and your bestie, it’s safe to say you’re both basically related… except not:

1. When she finished your sentence for you. We all need a hand.

Raise Glass Mad Men

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2. When she raided your fridge. “It’s like there’s so much food in this fridge and so much empty space in my stomach for it all!”

Lilo Stitch Fridge

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3. When she called your parents “Mom” and “Dad.” Bonus points if no one even notices when she does it.

Family I Love You

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4. When she bad-mouthed your family members with you. It’s the best having a friend to suffer through awful family gatherings with you. (Except this is a touchy one; exercise with caution.)


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5. When she was the only non-family member on your family’s vacation. The more the merrier!

6. When she got lectured by your parents. She isn’t immune to being nagged just because she isn’t literally their kid.

7. When she didn’t leave your house for several days in a row. It was just like she’d moved in!

8. When a stranger confused her for your sister and you both just went along with it. It’s easier than correcting every person who does this.

Shrug Shoulders

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9. When a family member confused her for you for a second. It’s hard to separate you two visually when you’re always attached at the hip.

10. When she spent holidays with both her family and your family. Gotta spread the love around.

Miss Piggy I'm Busy

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11. When she called to speak to your mom and not to you. It was much easier to just cut out the middle man and get right to the Mother’s Day/birthday/etc. well-wishes.

12. When she followed all of your family members on social media. Family is family is family.

You're Welcome

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13. When she hung out at your house when you weren’t even there. “Always welcome” does mean always, after all.

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