Find Out What Your Fave Winter Hat Says About You

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Let's face it, we all need a winter hat these days. Temperatures are dropping and we need to protect ourselves from the cold! We lose a lot of body heat through our head, so it's important to cover it up as much as possible.

In order to keep our heads warm a lot of us grab a beanie, some grab a baseball cap, while others just wear anything that's comfortable. What's your hat of choice? The type of hat we wear actually says a lot about our personalities. Check out the different types of hats below and see which hat you would choose. Then read about what that hat says about you!


1. If this is what your winter hat looks like, CLICK HERE!


2. If you're rocking this winter hat, CLICK HERE!


3. If you love a good baseball cap, CLICK HERE!


4. If you're wearing a beret this winter, CLICK HERE!

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