What Does Your Favorite YA Series Say About You?

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Tumblr (itgetsbesser)

Tumblr (itgetsbesser)

Reading is a huge part of our lives. We read and write all day! We read in our free time too and share good books with each other. We actually have a bookcase here in the office that acts as our own personal library. It’s pretty cool. We read a lot of YA books because we YA books are awesome.

Scholastic announced its second annual I Read YA week to celebrate reading in the YA genre. Last year they started sharing the simple message, and this year they’re asking readers and authors to share badges on social media. Whether you just want to celebrate reading or to give a book recommendation, join in!

We read YA and thought it might be fun to know what your fave YA series says about you. Share your pick with #IReadYA and see what your friends get too! And if your favorite series isn’t on here, tell us in the comments!

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