10 Things You Feel When Your Friends Forget to Invite You Out

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The list of the best things about being a part of a group of friends is endless and includes things like always having someone around to take silly pictures with you, and having a bunch of perspectives on your daily dilemmas. The absolute worst thing, however, about being a part of a group of friends is that, one day, you’ll inevitably be left out of plans. And they’ll always be super fun-looking because of course they will.

It almost doesn’t even matter the reason why, either. Because we can guarantee you that not one of the million possible excuses will stop you from feeling all ten of these emotions when you find out:

1. #FOMO. First and foremost is the crippling feeling that the BEST THING IN THE WORLD will happen at the one event you don’t go to.

2. Annoyed. How dare they!

The Vampire Diaries Annoyed

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3. Sad. It’s not nice to NOT be remembered.

4. Invisible. “Oh, don’t mind me, guys. I’m just your only friend who isn’t there and who hasn’t been notified that there was even a ‘there’ where I could be.”


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5. “Are they serious right now? I’m a good person; I don’t deserve this.”

Will Ferrell You Don't Even Know

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6. Bored. Why don’t you just go to a friend’s house? OH, THAT’S RIGHT.

Lindsay Lohan I'm Bored

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7. Vengeful. “I’ll throw the best sleepover, invite literally everyone I know except them, and add to my Snapchat story all night long.”

Ursula Evil Laugh

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8. Lonely. All of your friends are out, so who are you going to even make plans with to occupy your time?

Spongebob Lonely Cafe

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9. Passive-aggressive. “Hey, is there anything wrong? I saw you tweet 40 sad emojis in a row.” “Nope, nothing at all.” *grumble grumble*

10. A little ridiculous. If they’re your legitimate friends, there’s probably a good reason why they didn’t extend an invitation. And genuinely forgetting is totally a good reason! Plus, no one actually wants to (and can’t realistically) go everyplace, and that’s completely okay.

Hakuna Matata No worries

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