14 Things Teens Say vs. What They Really Mean

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Everyone’s always trying to figure out what teens are saying as if they’re speaking an alien language or something. We think it’s pretty simple! But we’re always wiling to lend a helping hand whenever we can.

So, we’ve decoded what teens are actually meaning to say when they say these 14 things. Let us know in the comments if you’ve got more to add!

1. What they say: “I can’t.”

I Can't

Tumblr (ahhhgifhunts)

What they mean: “I’m feeling a little stressed by this.”

Stressed Real Housewives

Tumblr (goodinred)

2. What they say: “I’m so over it.”

What they mean: “I still care, but I don’t want you to know that.”

I Care

Tumblr (saranightmare)

3. What they say: “You wouldn’t understand!”

What they mean: “My current problem is actually the biggest one in the world.”

It Isn't Fair Love-and-Other-Drugs

Tumblr (no-sign-of-intelligent-life)

4. What they say: “We’re frenemies.”

What they mean: “That person sucks, and I don’t know why I deal with them.”

5. What they say: “I’ll do it later.”

What they mean: “I’ll do it later if you plan on forcing me to. Otherwise, nope.”

6. What they say: “FML.”

What they mean: “Whoa, this is sort of inconvenient.”

7. What they say: “Literally.”

What they mean: “Figuratively.”

8. What they say: “#YOLO.”

Emma Stone Andrew Garfield YOLO

Tumblr (mtv)

What they mean: “I’m about to make a bad decision.”

9. What they say: “Do you like this selfie?”

Do You Think I'm Pretty Chloe Grace Moretz

Tumblr (sherlyry)

What they mean: “I’m considering posting this photo on Instagram, but I’m not sure if I like it. Can you just tell me you like it?”

Instagram Hashtag Totes Amaze

Tumblr (hashtagdjs)

10. What they say: “Lol!”

Miley Cyrus Laughing LOL

Tumblr (flawesscyrusgif)

What they mean: “That was only slightly funny and I’m not laughing out loud at all.”

Not Really

Tumblr (jstilinski)

11. What they say: “I need a job.”

What they mean: “I need money.”

Mommy I Need Money

Tumblr (letsblopwhen)

12. What they say: “I have nothing to wear.”

Mary Kate Ashley Nothing To Wear

Tumblr (gifmehard)

What they mean: “I hate all of the clothes I already own and it’s time for new ones.”

13. What they say: “There’s nothing in the fridge to eat.”

What they mean: “There’s nothing microwaveable in the fridge to eat.”

Jenna Marbles you And Me Microwave

Tumblr (whatshouldwarriorscallme)

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