7 Things You Should Never Say in Front of a Taylor Swift Fan

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She's one of the hottest acts out there, but not everyone's a fan of Taylor Swift. In fact, some people say some outright nasty things about the "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together" singer, and her fans are just not having it. To make it clear what not to say in front of Swifties, here's a cheat sheet:

1. "Is there anyone she HASN'T dated?" Actually, yes. MILLIONS.

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2. "Wow, she's such a slut." A derivative of the prior statement, but pushing it even further. Don't shame the girl.

Taylor Swift

3. "She really doesn't deserve country awards. She's not even a country singer anymore!" Well, the good folks over at the ACAs and CMAs beg to differ.

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4. "She can't even sing. Period." Is she the next Mariah Carey? No, but she definitely puts on a good show, so shh.

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5. "Can't she find friends her own age?" So what if she's BFFs with younger people? You're just jealous you can't be besties with Selena Gomez, Lorde and Hailee Steinfeld.

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6. "Taylor seriously needs to grow up. Who puts their feelings out there like that for the world to hear?" She's made a killing off of doing it, so…

Taylor Swift

7. "I'm on Team Joe Jonas [or John Mayer]." Those are major fighting words.

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Anything you're tired of hearing, Swifties? Which phrase do you despise the most? Go ahead and spill, this is a T.Swift-lovin' zone.

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