10 Things All Procrastinators Are Absolutely Sick of Hearing

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Procrastinating is a tough job, but someone’s got to do it. (Not exactly a true statement, but SHH.) Even if you do put off doing it until the last minute. But you try telling that to all of the people who insist on saying any of these ten things to you:

1. “Why’d you wait so late to do it?” “BECAUSE THIS IS ME. This is who I am!”

2. “This isn’t something you can wait until the last minute to do.” Oh, you’ll see.

3. “You look tired.” “I am because of… reasons. Get off my case.”


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4. “I slept so well last night!” It’s probably worse than, “You look tired.”


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5. “You should learn better time management.” You should learn better MANNERS.

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6. “Look at this funny Vine/video/Tumblr account.” Hellooo, 5 more hours of procrastination!

7. “This is a group project.” In which case, you can’t procrastinate because there are other people involved.


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8. “This came out great!” Because that’s just an excuse to procrastinate again until forever.


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9. “Don’t have something to be doing right now?” Don’t mess with the delicate balance that is putting off your responsibilities.

10. “What’s taking so long to finish?” Rushed greatness, that’s what!

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