8 Things You Should Never Say in Front of a Kristen Stewart Fan

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One Direction fans can get a little sensitive when it comes to others commenting on their idols; same goes for Beliebers. Heck, this really could apply to anyone! And now, we're about to make the same case for fans of Kristen Stewart. Here are seven things you won't be able to get away with saying in front of Krisbians:

1. "Kristen Stewart can't act." Well, she's laughing all the way to the bank with that assessment.


2. "Does she only have that one face?" If you'd actually read The Twilight Saga, then you'd know that lip-biting is just what Bella Swan does.

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3. "Does the girl ever shower?" Of course she freaking showers; she's not an animal.

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4. "She looks like a boy." You're just jealous because you can't pull her looks off yourself.


5. "Twilight sucks!" Oh HAYL to the naw. Can't be too bad making all that cash money.

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6. "Jennifer Lawrence or Emma Watson (or some other popular female celebrity) is so much better." Hey, we all have people we call Queen; no need to force your opinion on others.

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7. "She's a lesbian." We always hate when people mean use sexuality as an insult. Even disregarding her longtime relationship with Robert Pattinson, if Kristen were to come out as homosexual, should it matter to you? No.


8. "But she's a cheater!" While we don't condone infidelity, the only people who had the rights to come after Kristen for her romantic tryst(s) with her one-time director were RPattz and the director's wife. End of story.

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Anything you care to add, KStew fans? Which of the above phrases is the absolute worst? Let's discuss in the comments below!

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