15 Things All Girls Are Really Sick Of Hearing

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Panda Whale

Panda Whale

As a woman in today’s world, I’m obviously subjected to a lot of sexism in daily life. It’s really frustrating. This weekend I was having trouble opening something when suddenly a man, in an act of supposed chivalry, swooped in and said “Let me take care of that for you.” While I appreciated the gesture, the way he said it was pretty condescending. That I did not like. I was only trying to open the thing for, like, five seconds. I would have gotten it eventually, but this guy saw an opportunity to “save” me.

I would have been totally fine if he had asked me if I needed help, but he just assumed that I needed it. And there lies the problem. It was chivalrous with a side of sexism. This situation got me thinking about things that women just hate hearing:

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