17 Things You Should Never EVER Say to a Pretty Little Liars Spoby Fan

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Pretty Little Liars fans have always been passionate about two things when it comes to their beloved Freeform series: 1. trying to figure out who the show’s Big Bad is, and 2. their OTP.

That being said, although we adore and respect all ships — from Emison to Haleb, and Ezria to Paily — equally, there’s no doubt that Spencer and Toby (a.k.a. Spoby) have had a rough, but incredibly heartfelt journey. Not only did Spencer’s parents not trust Toby and forbade her from seeing him, but both of these lovebirds were persons of interest in murder cases, and Toby even died (sort of) for heaven’s sake! These two have been through hell and back, but in the end, their love for one another always prevail!

And if you’re still raising that Spoby flag on your ship, despite their current separation, then you’ve proven your loyalty. For those of you who may not be Spoby fans, that’s A-okay, but just so you’re in the know, take into consideration these 17 things you should never say to a Spoby fan:

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