11 Things You Should Never Ever Say to a Fangirl

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Fangirling is hard work, but someone’s got to do it. And it’s only made harder when people hate on you and try to ruin your fun. Which is, to be clear, what they should NOT do. But, just in case they all require a PSA, here are the 11 things you should never say to a fangirl. (NOTE: This applies mainly to fangirls of musicians.)

1. “He doesn’t care about his fans.” That’s just a lie, okay.

2. “You’re wasting your time.” A wise person once said, “Time wasted on fun was not wasted.” Also, “Shut your mouth.”

I Don't Care

3. “Fanfiction is really stupid.” Some of it is, but some of it is Hollywood-worthy. SO, THERE.

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4. “I’ve got concert tickets, but not enough for you.” Way to send every fangirl in a 10-mile radius into a jealous frenzy.

5. “The concert sold out immediately.” 🙁


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6. “I met him and he’s a jerk in real life.” Because it won’t make us stop loving him, it’ll just cause conflict in our love for him.

7. “You have to take down your posters.” That’s like ordering a fangirl to remove her skin. It. Isn’t. Gonna. Happen.

No Wouldn't Work

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8. “He went on a follow spree while you were in school.” Noooooo.

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9. “He doesn’t have any dates in your city on his tour.” What a slap in the face, ugh.


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10. “He only dates models and actresses.” Even if it is true and we know it!

11. “He’s not as hot/talented/funny/cute/smart as my fave.” Unless you’re asking for a full-out western showdown.

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