5 Things Celebs Taught Us NOT to Do In Dating

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Celebrities are seemingly immune to things like visible panty lines, cellulite and bad hair days. But one thing they can’t escape? Dating mistakes. They make bad decisions and creep out their crushes just like the rest of us. And while it sucks so badly that they have to live out their romantic missteps in the public eye, we non-celebs can learn a thing or two about what not to do when it comes to dating.

Katy Perry once dispelled pregnancy rumors by announcing on Twitter that she’d just gotten her period. Um cool. That might be funny to your girlfriends, but TMI can seriously turn a guy off. Would you want to hear about what went on in the bathroom after he ate a bowl of chili? It’s a two-way street.


Be Vulgar
Guess what — everyone can cuss. Literally, everyone on planet Earth has that ability, even Rihanna, who has no problem being uber-vulgar on her Twitter feed. The N-word, the F-word — it’s all there! I love me some RiRi, but such a nasty mouth makes her look, well, nasty. Then again, Ri has said she loves bad boys, so maybe this is totes perfect for her. But if you’re wondering why you can’t attract a wholesome, sweet dude, maybe check your vocab and ask yourself if it’s conveying the right message.


Never Stay Home
If it’s a day ending in Y, you can bet Lindsay Lohan is out at some club. Being fun and outgoing is great, but if you can’t stand a quiet night ever, boys are going to think of you as nothing more than a party girl. Dudes hook up with the party girl, they don’t date her. Take a cue from LiLo — who is very much single, BTW — and don’t be on the scene 24/7.


Stay Hung Up on Your Ex
Want to frighten potential suitors away? By all means, keep talking to/about your ex. Case in point: Demi Lovato. She is such a catch, but she’s constantly still hanging with her awful ex, Wilmer Valderrama. I’m sure there are a ton of boys out there who would love to date her, but they might assume she’s not over him. Could the guys in your life wonder the same thing about you?


Be Super High Maintenance
I pity the fool who proposes to Kim Kardashian. Can anyone ever hope to top her insane second wedding? Even if KK never marries again, most guys view her as yes, super hot, but wayyyyyyyy too high maintenance. “I feel like you could never just do something spontaneous with her,” said my friend Carter. “She’s need two hours to get ready for anything. No thanks.” ‘Nuff said!


We adore these lovelorn celebs, but what advice would you give them to help them find Prince Charming? And better question: do you see yourself in any of them?

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