15 Reasons Shawling is the Only Fall Trend You Need to Know About

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If you haven’t noticed, off-the-shoulder tops and dresses have been everywhere this summer. News aggregator theSkimm has noticed this too, apparently, because in a recent issue, they provided this term, “shawling,” as a “thing to know:”


Hmm. I have some reservations about “shawling” as a noun-turned-verb (just as I have reservations about theSkimm as whole! I subscribe to it, and I think that it is a great way to stay abreast of the news in a “fun” way, though I do often feel that their hyper-trendy, “YASS KWEEN” rhetoric is sometimes a little too forcedly casual when describing certain events that might deserve a touch more solemnity, like, say, an ISIS-sponsored suicide bombing. But that is a thought for another day!) I don’t know that “shawling,” the term, is a real thing that anyone has ever or will ever use (what is your source for this, Skimm? Attribution is everything!), but it did get me thinking of ways to transition any shoulder-baring tops or dresses into the fall. The off-the-shoulder trend is one that tends to feel decidedly wedded to summer, and with good reason — exposed shoulders are the best way to show off tan lines and get a little bit more of a breeze — but, if the term “shawling” is going to enter our vernacular now, just a week before Labor Day, we might as well find some ways to use it, no? Anyway, check out these ways to “shawl” into the fall this year:

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