15 Amazing Poot Lovato Memes You Have to See Now

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Lately, I’ve come to realize that there is no greater example of modern hubris than to believe, for whatever reason, that you “get” the Internet.

You see, I thought that I understood the internet — I work in digital media, after all. I can pick a good meme out of the crowd. Then, I discovered Poot Lovato, and I realized that, in fact, I know nothing.

If you aren’t familiar with Poot either, that’s okay. She’s new. Also, she’s a meme. She got her start through a picture of Demi Lovato that was taken at a meet and greet, either by a fan or the paparazzi. The picture is unflattering, sure, but that’s not really what makes it noticeable — it’s more that her face is tilted back at an odd angle, her hair is pulled back in a way that makes her look bald, and the lighting washes out her face, so she just looks… not like herself. A Tumblr user saw the photo and decided that this couldn’t be Demi, but was, instead, her estranged twin sister who had been locked in a basement for her entire life. Thus, Poot — a star — was born:

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