WTF Is Fish Gaping? 15 Hilarious Examples of the New Selfie Trend

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Instagram (@zendaya)

Instagram (@zendaya)

Somewhere between the pursed duck face and the open mouthed surprised face, there lies the deliberately slack-jawed fish gaping — and apparently, everyone’s doing it. It *might* be the perfect middle in between the other two selfie trends. Duck face, which, at this point, is difficult to pull off unironically, made your kissy face look angry. The faux surprise selfie face wound up looking too false and posed. Fish gaping attempts to remedy that.

Here’s how you do it: tilt your chin down, suck your cheeks in just a little, look up to the camera, show just a little teeth (if any), and keep your mouth slightly open LIKE A FISH. It’s more casually sexy than aggressively pouting your lips in a duck face, and it makes you look like you just woke up smoldering. What’s not to love about that? I’ve seen some fish gape selfies look pretty adorbs, but who wants to be likened to a fish? Not cute. Understandably, this is a silly name and selfies are meant to be fun, so everyone on the Internet has been having a great time with this new trend.

It definitely reminds me of the time we all heard the Olsen twins’ secret to flawless photos (HINT: It’s whispering the word “prune”). So, when in doubt with the fish gape pose, just do it up like the Olsen twins. I still can’t decide if I’ll be adopting this trend, but here’s everything you need to know about the fish gape pose as presented by the Internet — these 15 hilarious examples are awesome:

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