The One Thing Ian Harding Will Miss About PLL (& the One Thing He Won’t)

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This is going to be one tough summer, guys. For the first time in seven years, there won’t be any more new Pretty Little Liars episodes to look forward to — Freeform’s longest-running original series comes to an end on June 27, 2017. {INSERT CRY-FACE EMOJI} But, we guess, it’s for the best, right? Like, we don’t want it to wear out its welcome.

And, because it’s the beginning of the end, we also got the chance to talk to Ian Harding about the show, so there — there’s some good news for ya.

The 30-year-old actor is currently promoting his first book, Odd Birds, so, naturally, we discussed the novel. But, of course, we couldn’t let him get away without chatting about all things PLL. While we’re sure that there are plenty of things he’ll miss about the series, we got him to nail down the one thing he’ll miss most.

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“I’ll miss it a lot,” he began telling, “especially when you’ve done something for seven years — you really start to live in that person’s skin.”

“I think the thing that I would miss the most is just maybe the life that I had on the show,” he said, “’cause it was pretty amazing. It allowed time and space and enough discomfort to really grow, while simultaneously, it was essentially like grad school because, in having gone to school for acting and then getting to go act on a long-running show for that amount of time […] it was really ideal.”

“There were, obviously, issues and problems among the actors and writers,” he continued, “as will happen on any television show. But I wasn’t really a part of it — I felt kind of like the older brother who comes back from college and has missed all the drama, but everybody’s happy to see him.”

“I’ll miss the life,” he added. “I’ll miss the people.”

But we’re certain there’s one thing he won’t miss: skipping meals. In Odd Birds, Ian reveals that he and a bunch of his castmates (basically everyone apart from Keegan Allen) avoided craft services on sex-scene days — but Ian LOVES food. He’d rather “train for a marathon, as opposed to ‘I need to have that body-fat percentage,'” he explained. “To me, that makes me want to die. You know, caring about that. Food is amazing!”

“Probably by Season 3 or 4, I realized, like, man, I do not care about abs,” he said. “Like, what a useless endeavor.” We told him that Keegan would probably beg to differ, but guess what — according to Ian, Keegan “sort of naturally has that.” Oh.
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