Too Cute! Here’s What Your Favorite Celebs Were Doing on Christmas!

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Whether you celebrate Xmas or not, it seems like the whole world comes to a complete stop on 12/25 each year. Even your fave celebs who normally have the most insane schedules going take a breather to relax, reflect on their year, and open or give some seriously awesome presents.

Just ask Justin Bieber, who gave his best friend Ryan Butler A CAR! For real…

Or Kendall and Kylie Jenner, who got two cute chocolate-colored puppies!

And in another room somewhere in the Jenner house, Kim Kardashian sat on Santa’s lap. The way that Santa is awkwardly touching Kim = kinda hilar.


Bella Thorne spent some quality time with her brother Remy and tweeted this pic as they were on their way to see a movie.

Meanwhile, Victoria Justice tweeted a holiday pic out to her fans and later showed off her 90-year-old great grandmother trying out some Beats headphones.

But stealing Vic’s great grandma’s thunder is this perfectly pink vintage typewriter Ariana Grande got. We want!

Shake It Up‘s Zendaya hung out with her supersized family. Can you even spot her in that sea of people?

Nina Dobrev hit the slopes…and bumped into Santa at the top of the hill.

And Kevin Jonas found THE BEST thing ever: An X-Ray Christmas tree. Good luck trying to conceal your gifts next to that thing!

So, what did you do for Christmas? If you could spend the holidays with any celeb, who would it be and what would you do? Shout it out in the comments!