How this Musician Dealt With the Transition from Boy-Bander to Solo Artist

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It seems like it’s impossible for a boy band all-male group to stay together nowadays. We’ve seen “hiatuses” from One Direction, The Wanted and Big Time Rush, but so far there’s been no reunions. Being a music group, in the end, is a business — and sometimes business partnerships simply do not work out.

What can add insult to injury, however, is when you’ve got a family business and it’s time to call it quits. We saw how the Jonas Brothers break up affected those guys: Joe Jonas admitted that the split caused a huge rift between him and his sibs. Another mega-popular boy band that involved brothers was Emblem3, who first broke up in June 2015, briefly reunited to tour earlier in 2016, and ultimately deciding to venture out and do solo projects at the end of summer. We recently got to chat with Wesley Stromberg about E3’s ever-changing status, his upcoming tour and new solo music — and how the relationship with his bro and band member Keaton Stromberg was affected by the music biz.

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The 22-year-old announced solo tour dates a few weeks ago and while some might assume that this would cause drama, he assured us that everything was cool between him and Keaton.

“I’m honestly so lucky to have Keaton,” he told us. “He is such a good brother and we never have tension. He’s really supportive of my solo thing… He’s the best. So, family life, it has never been better. You know, me and him are always best friends.”

In fact, the two are still kind of collaborating, even on Wesley’s solo stuff.

“He’s been helping produce beats and tracks for me. I’m still writing everything on my own but he’ll send over tracks and so he’s super supportive.”

At one point there were rumors that E3 would release a 2016 album, but it slowly became clear to fans that the band was closing up shop and the record they had previously announced was a no-go. Wes explained:

“With having three separate artists in a group, and all having their own opinions and decisions, it’s so hard to get everybody on the same page. I really wanted to make an Emblem3 album and I know that we had enough songs to put [it] together … but shortly after the tour ended in 2016, Drew [Chadwick] decided he wanted to go solo again and so I was just kind of like, ‘Okay, if we’re gonna keep going back and forth and going on this roller coaster, then I need to set myself up.’ So I immediately started writing for a solo project as well. And Keaton, same thing.”

Good news, though; there is still new music from the band to come.

“We will release all of those songs that we were going to have on the E3 album, just in single-form spread out.”

As for Wesley’s sound, he says it’s going to be pretty different from what we’ve previously heard from him and the boys.

“[The new music] is more soulful; it’s really honest. It’s more mature, definitely more mature. I can’t really say its genre yet because I’m still in that artist development process — I’m in sessions every single day and some days some songs sound a little more R&B and some days some songs are a little more soul or reggae.”

The X-Factor contestant is on tour now! You can check out all the info here.
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