A Behind-the-Scenes Style Look with the Creators of PLL and Gossip Girl? Sign Us Up!

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Wendy: Behind the Scenes Style of the Web SeriesJSYK, we’re part of the Alloy family (a.k.a. the people behind Gossip Girl and Pretty Little Liars, maybe you’ve heard of them?). And in this exclusive video, we’re showing you how Alloy and Macy’s teamed up to style their new web series, Wendy.

But before you watch…

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Let us bring you up to speed with the whole gist of the show. Picture the modern-day version of Peter Pan. It centers around a girl named, duh, Wendy (played by Meaghan Martin), who’s caught between reality and her dream world. She has the stereotypical perf boyfriend and an awesome BFF, but then she starts dreaming about Pete[r], played by PLL‘s Tyler Blackburn. (Yeah, we’d probs dream about him too, Wen.)

Just like Gossip Girl and PLL, the series has some of the best clothes you’ll want to copycat for your back-to-school looks. Check out an exclusive behind-the-scenes video to get inspired by Wendy‘s stylists:

Wendy premieres Thursday, September 15. Will you watch? What do you think of the concept of the show? Comment below.