It’s the Finale Ep! Will Wendy Choose Pete? (Wendy Recap, Episode 6)

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Wendy RecapYou probably know how the traditional Peter Pan goes, where Wendy goes off with Peter to Neverland. But then again, the Wendy web series is so far from the orig story. Will Wendy choose Pete in this version? Or will she realize her boyf, Jackson, is her real-life sweetie? We will give you a mini spoiler: She does tell Jackson that she loves him. But in order to see who she ends up with, you gotta watch it all play out for yourself…

To find out more about Wendy, visit Facebook.com/WendyTheSeries. Well, what did you think of the ending? Did you guess correctly? Was it the ending you’d hoped for? Leave your (last ever!) Wendy comments here.