Meaghan Martin Totally Got Woken Up By the Wrong Guy (Wendy Recap, Episode 1)

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Wendy RecapRemember when we showed you the “Save Me” music vid, starring PLL‘s Tyler Blackburn (aka Pete)? Well it makes a lot more sense to us now! The video is the intro to the first ep of the Wendy web series, where Meaghan Martin‘s fantasies almost seem too good to be true.

And trust us, they are…

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Meaghan’s character Wendy dreams about Pete, a dark and totally hot singer, but gets woken up by her boyf, Jackson. Then, she hears “Save Me” playing from a beat up truck, and chases the driver in her friend’s car. Obsessed much? Well, we guess we would be too if Pete was in our dreams (which he probs will be tonight).

Watch the first ep of this awesome new series below:

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