7 of the Weirdest Dating Shows You Won’t Believe Were on TV Recently

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If you think about it, there may very well be no stronger institution in the United States of America than that of the televised dating show. You know, shows like The Bachelor and The Bachelorette that have a simple premise — attractive people finding love — and attract mass audiences and recognition through this one premise. I, naturally, am fully complicit in the reign of The Bachelor and all of its offshoots (I think that Chris B. Harrison is the greatest man on television and deserves to EGOT; sue me) though I do think that it upholds outdated and problematic patriarchal ideals under the veil of entertainment — like, for example, on The Bachelorette where the titular bachelorette gets to whittle down all of her options herself, then has to hope that the one she chooses ends up proposing to her.

Anyway, while The Bachelor certainly wasn’t the first dating show to exist, the enduring success of the show’s overall premise has ensured that there are a ton of shows put there that build on the “attractive people finding love” formula, with a series of increasingly bizarre means of finding said love. We did a post on weird vintage dating shows back in April, but there are a ton of other totally bonkers dating shows around, many of which you can actually still watch today. So, check ’em out here:

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