10 of the Most Effed Up Episodes of Hey Arnold!

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I feel comfortable in saying that Hey Arnold! was one the best cartoons of the ’90s. Yes, there’s plenty of great competition, especially in the world of Nicktoons, but Hey Arnold! probably comes out on top when it came to kids’ shows. Why? Not only was it funny, but it was also touching. It was full of characters who were absolutely unforgettable and episodes that were formative. Come on, who doesn’t know the Pigeon Man episode like the back of their hand?

But, erh, speaking of Pigeon Man, none of this is to say that Hey Arnold! didn’t have its fair share of episodes that made us go, “WTF?” Yes, even the best of the show’s episodes had plot lines or one liners make us wonder how they were ever allowed on television. And some were just straight-up… odd. Without further ado, take a stroll down one effed up memory lane with these ten effed up episodes of Hey Arnold!:

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