10 of the Most Effed Up Episodes of Doug

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I loved Doug as a kid. It was a heartwarming show about a nerdy kid with an overactive imagination. As someone who was a slightly nerdy kid with an overactive imagination, this show obviously spoke to me and our generation as a whole. Like, who didn’t want to chill with Quailman? Who didn’t have a girl-crush on Patti Mayonnaise? Who didn’t think Skeeter was the coolest BFF ever? Who didn’t want to tell Roger to STFU?

But there were some episodes that were so WTF-worthy that it seriously made us question Doug’s common sense and the common sense of those around him. And some episodes were just plain weird. If there are some episodes that are coming to mind for you, see if they’re included in this roundup of ten of the most effed up episodes of Doug:

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