10 of the Weirdest Minions Products You Didn’t Know Actually Exist

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Minions are the cutest things to ever happen to us, with the exception of, like, puppies. And kittens. And baby pigs. And tiny sloths. OKAY so maybe they are a little strange, but we love ’em nonetheless. Nobody really knows what they’re saying, but we get the gist, and that’s all that matters. Since Despicable Me 3 is hitting theaters very soon, a little birdy told us that there’s some new Minions merch on the shelves of your favorite stores to celebrate!

We’ve all seen the ordinary — Minions lunch boxes, Minions posters, Minions baseball caps — but you most likely have NOT seen some strange AF items for purchase. These are the craziest, weirdest, most unnecessary objects of the century… in Minions form. Shop on, shoppers!

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