14 of the Weirdest Things People Have Done with Fidget Spinners (So Far)

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It goes without saying that fidget spinners are huge right now. Every corner store and street vendor sells fidget spinners. There are fidget spinner online games, fidget spinner clothes, fidget spinner social media challenges… Even Barron Trump made headlines for playing with a damn fidget spinner. Basically, fidget spinners are going to stick around for a while, and why not? They’re pretty amusing. They might even be beneficial: There are claims that fidget spinners can be helpful for people with ADHD and autism, though they haven’t been scientifically proven just yet. Nevertheless, people love them for a variety of reasons, and of all the trends out there, this is definitely one of the more harmless ones.

But, like all trends, there are folks who get really extra about them really quickly, and fidget spinners are no different. From fidget spinner sex toys to nail art, check out these 14 of the weirdest things people have done with fidget spinners (so far):

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