11 Weird Things Every Girl Does in the Bathroom No One Wants to Admit

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We’re all weird in our own way, which is part of what makes us all so awesome and unique. The world would be a very boring place if everyone was “normal.” That being said, many of us have the same strange quirks that, due to societal expectations, we try to hide, especially when it comes to intimate quirks, like what happens in the bathroom. But if everyone is doing these “weird” things, then they really aren’t actually that weird… right?

The bathroom is a private, personal space where we do things we might not ever talk about with anyone else. But, uh, we all use the bathroom and we all do funny things in there! In addition to the weird things we all do in the shower, there are quite a few weird habits we all seem to do when we’re in the bathroom, even if we stay hush hush about it. You can deny them all you want, but we know the truth:

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