7 of the Weirdest Beauty Trends for Spring You Actually Need to Try

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Makeup is always fun and transformative — that’s part of the appeal of using it. While most of the spring and summer trends are gorgeous and exciting, some of them are a little… much. There are some spring makeup trends that are taking “fun” and “transformative” to the next level. They go beyond simply trying to accentuate your features — they’re almost like their own accessory. After all, art can be anywhere, including on the face. Why should you try to be natural when you can have fun with it!

These makeup trends are so out there that they might cause you to scoff or say, “I would never do my makeup like that!” Not so fast, though — you don’t which trend could catch on. We could all be wearing ear makeup in a year or be putting temporary tattoos on our eyelids. When I was in high school, we used to put loose glitter on our eyelids as an everyday look. If you did that today, people would look at you like you were crazy. #YouNeverKnow #NeverSayNever

Here are some of the weirdest beauty trends this spring that just might become the norm one day. Keep in mind that just because we’re saying these are weird doesn’t mean we’re not into them. One of the best things about makeup is trying something new. So, if you’re looking for something different and awesome, look no further! Here are some amazing beauty trends to try now:

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