16 Weird Relationship Goals That You Actually Want

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USA Today

USA Today

In the past, I have been pretty tough on the whole concept of “relationship goals” and their ilk. I’ve laughed at the concept as a whole. I sneered at the texts. And, of course, I once decided that all “relationship goals” pictures had to be the result of some unruly home invader. Can you blame me? Relationship goals have gotten completely out of hand, and we only have ourselves to blame. And the Internet. And Tumblr. People are developing some seriously unrealistic “goals,” and I’ve made it my personal mission to stop them.

Now, however, I must come clean — I am not actually 100% against relationship goals. There are some that I have found recently that I enjoy, fawn over, and have even coveted. What? I’m not a monster. I do want to believe in love.

They are, you might say, my goals. I bet they’ll be yours, too. Here are 16 weird relationship goals that you’ll actually want:

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