13 Bizarre Makeup Tutorials That Definitely Don’t Need to Exist

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If you have been on the Internet lately — which context clues lead me to believe that you have been — you may have noticed that we happen to be in the golden age of internet makeup gurus. Beauty vloggers like Zoella, Bethany Mota and Michelle Phan have created a veritable empire built on beauty tutorials such as ones on how to contour and highlight, as well as saying the words, “Okay, so today I’m starting out with one of my favorite products…” garnering book deals and household name recognition out of their YouTube channels.

I have been lurking on the outskirts of YouTube Makeup Culture for a while now, and, from my standpoint, I think they all do very good work. I love that all it takes to learn how to do a new look is to plug in different variations on a theme — say, “boxer braids” — until I find a video that works for me and I can hunch over my laptop and watch a girl I don’t know teach me how to do “Kim Kardashian braids.” But, since makeup vloggers have gotten to be so very omnipresent, it seems that we have managed to get beyond the normal scope of what one might expect for beauty tutorials — you know, your standard-issue contouring and baking looks — and have gotten to be a little, uh, out of the box. In the best way possible, obviously. Check out these makeup tutorials that are so weird and so objectively unnecessary that they’re kind of amazing. They don’t need to exist! But I’m glad they do:

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