10 Weird Girls Who Every Weird Girl Loves

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I’ve always identified as a weird girl. I mean, let’s look at the facts: I’ve always been attracted to weird clothes, I can be a bit morbid, I’ve never been Miss. Popular, and I’m more emotionally invested in obscure ’80s post-punk than I should be. Sure, everyone is unique and individual, but weirdness is something that not everyone quite possesses. Whether it’s being the odd girl out, the girl with the wacky ideas, the girl who dresses a little funny, the girl who isn’t afraid to stand out, the girl who challenged the status quo or all of the above, weirdness is something that some of us just seem to naturally embrace.

That’s why us weird girls love seeing weird girls on TV and in movies. You know, solidarity purposes. If you’re a weird girl and proud, here are ten equally weird characters that you’ll fall in love with (if you haven’t already):

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