18 Weird AF Trends That Will Be HUGE in 2017

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Just like every other year, 2017 will be focusing on some serious throwback trends when it comes to both fashion and beauty. 2016 was all about the ’90s, 2015 was obsessed with the ’70s — this time, things are getting a little bit more out there. 2017 is a mix of trends from the ’80s, early 2000s and a little bit of the ’90s. And honestly? Things are going to get weird AF. Not necessarily in a bad way, just in a way that we will probably one day look back on and be like, “LOL can you believe I wore that once?”

We’re less than two months into 2017, and already it’s pretty clear that, style-wise, things have changed a lot. Gone are the chokers, crop tops, lace-up shoes, off-the-shoulder tops, and white sneakers that have been so incredibly popular the last year or so. Say hello to some new and uh, unique trends. You might scoff at them right now, or turn your nose up at them and think, “Never!” but I think you’re lying to yourself. I did this when I noticed that lace-up shirts were back because I thought I was better than everyone, and just look at this:

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WHATEVER. The point is that even if these trends seem strange right now, I bet you’re going to end up embracing at least a few of them. That’s the beauty of fashion! In the meantime, let’s stay ahead of the curve. Here are some of the weirdest fashion and beauty trends that will be huge in 2017:

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