11 of the Weirdest Fashion & Beauty Infomercials That Ever Existed

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Its nearly 3am and, for whatever reason, you’re still up. Maybe you’re writing a paper at the last minute, or maybe you’re just farting around on your phone. Either way, it’s late, you’re awake and the TV is on as background noise. But suddenly, the hum of the syndicated sitcom laugh track is gone. That movie that you were hardly watching comes to an end. That late late late night talk show that nobody really watches is over. What’s left? Oh, you know, six hours of unbearable infomercials. Those perky voices never chill, and that line that says, “BUT WAIT, CALL NOW AND RECEIVE TWO BLAH BLAH BLAHS FOR ONLY BLAH BLAH BLAH!” is repeated over and over again. You’re annoyed… but you can’t look away, especially if the item advertised is more comical than helpful.

Infomercials have sold everything from juicers to mobile scooters, but it’s the fashion and beauty ads that generally tend to be some of the most infamous and cringe-worthy. I mean, who can forget Booty Pops? (If you can, it’s below, don’t worry.) Oh, and this isn’t a new thing, either. You can look back at some infomercials from the ’80s and early ’90s and find gems of awkward infomercials that sort of make you want to die. To get an idea of what I’m talking about, check out these 11 beyond weird fashion and beauty infomercials. Oh, and let us know if you actually own any of these monstrosities.

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