All of the Most WTF-Worthy Celebrity Flings of 2015

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2015 was a year of effed up celebrity romances. And they were screwy for all different reasons. We had then-17-year-old Kylie Jenner and 25-year-old Tyga blurring legal lines and sharing way too much about their sex life. Meanwhile, Jennifer Lawrence was back with on-again-off-again BF Chris Martin from Coldplay, whose divorce from Gwyneth Paltrow wasn’t even finalized until April. Ick.

Even weirder than the year-long relationship dramas? The celebrity flings that popped up out of nowhere just to puzzle all of us. These pairings made no sense at all and were doomed to fail, so let’s give them the recognition they deserve. Here are the 2015 romances that only lasted a few months… but the weirdness will last forever:

1. Ed Sheeran & Nicole Scherzinger — Shout out to Ed for landing the gorgeous former Pussycat Doll, but this couple was too bizarre to possibly work. Ed is sweet, intelligent, thoughtful, and silly. Nicole is… hot? No offense, Nicole, but we watched you as a judge on The X Factor, and don’t really see you engaging in an intellectual discussion with Ed.

2. Justin Bieber & Kourtney Kardashian — This one is allegedly still going on, and literally nobody is about it. Some background info: JB is 21 years old. Kourt is 36 and has three kids. Now that that’s established, we can better appreciate the ridiculousness of this hookup. Apparently, just a few days before Christmas, Kourt was seen leaving Justin’s hotel room. Pray that this fling dies by 2016.

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3. Bella Thorne & Brandon Lee — Bella’s posted so many pics with current BF Gregg Sulkin that it’s easy to forget that they only started dating in mid-2015. Before Gregg, Bella was seeing Brandon, the son of Playboy model and former Baywatch babe Pamela Anderson. TBH, he looks a lot like Gregg. Bella must have a type.

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4. Selena Gomez & Zedd — Zeddlena conveniently started dating just as the pair was about to release a single together. We’ll give them the benefit of the doubt that it was a real romance, although, you know, it’s questionable.

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5. Nick Jonas & Kate Hudson — Ugh, this one is just… why? The 23-year-old singer and 36-year-old actress were spotted getting flirty on a Disney World date in early fall. They were also seen out and about in NYC and LA. However, in November, Kate said in an interview that she was in fact single, adding that you “can’t force things” in a relationship.

6. Miranda Kerr & Evan Spiegel — You may not know the name Evan Spiegel, but he deserves your appreciation: the 25-year-old is the founder of Snapchat, and he has an estimated net worth of $2 billion. That was impressive enough to entice Victoria’s Secret supermodel Miranda, and the two began dating in early summer 2015. Okay, it’s kind of cute, but we still ship Miranda and ex-hubby Orlando Bloom, so this fling needs to stay confined to 2015.

7. Tim Tebow & Olivia Culpo — This was a better idea in theory than in practice. According to reports, the relationship crumbled after a few months because Tim was adamant about his virginity pledge. While many people were #TeamTebow, applauding the NFL player for sticking to his beliefs, others took to Twitter to sympathize with Olivia.

8. Miley Cyrus & Stella Maxwell — Miley was linked to tons of celebrities this year — male and female — but there was something especially intense with this fling. There were tons of pictures of Miley and Stella packing on the PDA at parties and out in public, not to mention this NSFW photo of the ladies. We’re expecting even more weird flings from Miley in 2016 because it seems unlikely she’ll be settling down any time soon.

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9. Lily Collins & Chris Evans — Lily and Chris would make a super hot couple, but the timing and vagueness of this fling secures its spot as one of the weirdest of the year. Like, we know there were pictures of them together, but, like, 2 secs later, she was back with Jamie Campbell Bower, so…

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