11 Ways Your Life Would Suck Without Your Best Friend

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You should consider yourself super lucky to have the best friend that you’ve got, because life would honestly suck without them. Don’t believe us? Here are 11 ways that your life would absolutely not be the same if you guys weren’t BFFs:

1. You wouldn’t have any one to gossip with. Gossiping with a stranger is way too risky; the best gossip sessions require a trustworthy bestie who you know won’t go blabbing all over the place.

We Hate The Same People

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2. You wouldn’t have such fun Snapchats. You’re at your most imaginative when your best friend is on the receiving end, just admit it.

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3. You wouldn’t have anyone to help you stalk your crush. No one else would be willing to dedicate so much time to creeping on your crush with you.

4. You wouldn’t have anyone to watch TV all day with. Other people would be all, “Let’s put on pants and go be social humans.” Ugh, no thanks.

5. You wouldn’t have anyone to tell you when your outfit is bad. And everyone needs this person in their life.

6. You wouldn’t have someone to remind you that “it’s their loss.” When things don’t go your way, it’s always nice and comforting to hear that it’s the other person’s loss, instead of yours.

7. You wouldn’t be able to share your deepest darkest secrets with anyone. Your BFF would never dare judge you like a stranger or even a regular friend might.

8. You wouldn’t have anyone to make ugly faces at from across the room. Bonus points if you guys get caught by a third person and can’t stop laughing for the rest of the day.

9. You wouldn’t have anyone to whom you could text funny things you see online. We’re constantly sending our BFFs hilarious screen shots!

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10. You wouldn’t have a second home. Or a second family, or a second closet. The list goes on.

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11. You wouldn’t have anyone to send this list to. But since you do, go go go!

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