12 Ways Kim Kardashian is Actually a Role Model

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I have never understood, and probably will never understand, the absolute rage directed towards the Kardashians/Jenners. I truly feel like a lot of you would be a whole lot happier with yourselves and your lives if you just relaxed and let them do their thing and didn’t pay much attention to it. And maybe, just maybe, you could calm down enough to realize they aren’t even that bad. In fact, in some ways, you could even call Kim Kardashian a role model.

That statement alone is known to make even the most rational people I know absolutely lose their minds. I’ve gotten into many a stupid fight with people while innocently defending the Kardashians. Like I said before, I’m not saying they’re perfect. They definitely aren’t! They love to be famous and will do anything to keep that fame, they are definitely materialistic and have an unhealthy obsession with money and they have a history of doings some offensive things out of ignorance. No, Kim isn’t a role model 100% of the time. And no, she doesn’t have to be your role model. But I think there are some things she does that are role model status, and I would REALLY like you to hear me out before you decide I’m an idiot because my opinion dares to be different than yours. Okay? Let’s try it:

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