11 Ways Being the Regina George of Your Friend Group Would Actually SUCK

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Being the Regina George of your friend group doesn’t seem so bad. I mean, who hasn’t dreamed of being the most popular girl in school at least once? Everyone has!

But, before you’re blinded by all of the ways your life would seemingly be better if you were the Queen Bee, don’t forget about all of the ways that it would suck. For starters, you’re used by Katy Perry to diss Taylor Swift. And then there are all of these things, too:

1. Your friends would actually hate you. And who wants that?

Mean Girls Eye Roll

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2. The whole school would hate you, in fact. And that could get really lonely really fast.

Beware Plastics

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3. Your friends would talk about you behind your back. Hope you didn’t share any juicy secrets with them!

4. You’d have a terrible reputation. Even the teachers would know about the dirt you’ve done.

5. Your relationships would all be based on your social status. Your own Aaron Samuels wouldn’t like you.

6. You’d be responsible for ruining people’s high school experiences. You don’t want to be that girl at 10-year high school reunions.

7. You’d be easily replaceable. Next year’s Plastics will be just as mean, if not meaner, than your year’s.

8. You’d be counted on to set every new trend. Talk about pressure!

Wednesdays We Wear Pink

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9. You’d peak in high school. All Regina George-types do.

Regina George I Don't Even

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10. You’d be called a Plastic. That’s really terrible, if you think about it. Why would you want your legacy to be how cold and nasty you were to people?


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11. You wouldn’t know butter is a carb. IT IS.

Is Butter A Carb

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