This Rainbow Dye Job was Created with Water Guns and it SCREAMS Coachella

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We all know you’ve been counting down the days until Coachella, but now that it’s finally arrived we’ve come across a hair dye job that would be absolutely PERFECT for the super popular music fest located in the middle of the California desert.

While Coachella is definitely about the music, LBR, it’s also about the Instagrams, and if you’re not rocking a unique hairstyle with lots of crazy, vibrant colors, you’re simply not doing Coachella right. That’s why we feel the need to share this mesmerizing rainbow dye job that was achieved by using — wait for it — a water gun.

Yup! When Kansas City-based hairstylists Andrew and Kat Collett, who just so happen to be married, took to Instagram to share their latest viral hair creation, we were SHOOK. Sure, rainbow hair’s been done before, but NEVER like this, and we are LOVING it! See?

Amazing, right?! If you’re anything like us, you’re probably dying to know how exactly how Andrew and Kat came up with this idea, and luckily, they told Allure all about it. Kat told the mag, “We were inspired to create something both Andrew and I could fully plan and apply together. This was a direct representation of how much love we are putting into our salon, With Love Salon, that is about to open in the Crossroads [neighborhood] of Kansas City in a few months, so this color needed to be epic.”

We know what you’re thinking: Kansas City?! That’s nowhere near Indio, California, where Coachella will be for the next two weekends. We know, we know, but all we’re saying is that the dye job is truly incredible, and if all it takes is a water gun and some vibrant hair dye, you may want to think about possibly trying this look out for yourself before stepping foot on festival grounds. We know it’s short notice, but it’s that cool.