EXCLUSIVE: “I Was a Zombie in ‘Warm Bodies’ with Nicholas Hoult!”

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Warm Bodies Movie Set Visit

Step aside, vampires and werewolves. There are new creatures taking over in 2013: zombies, like in Warm Bodies. Oh, and I was one of them! One of many perks of working at Teen.com is the opportunity for visiting movie sets. However, never have I ever experienced the treat Summit Entertainment — ya know, the peeps behind The Twilight Saga — had in store for the press on this trip.

In November of 2011, I not only went behind the scenes of the Montreal set of Warm Bodies, but I also had the chance to interview its stars, Nicholas Hoult and Teresa Palmer, and actually be in the movie, makeup treatment and all, as a zombie extra! Though I couldn’t bring all of you physically with me, I want (slash need) to share the once-in-a-lifetime experience with you…

Part One: Makeup and Wardrobe
Since we were to get the full zombie regimen from head to toe, we were asked to arrive “fresh-faced,” meaning sans any sort of beauty products. After taking before shots (top left), I was escorted inside where I was presented with a selection of various torn-up pieces of clothes. The final ensemble: the loose, indigo dress you see below, along with a matching pair of heeled boots, ripped stockings, and a black belt. Then came makeup and hair. Note the fine veins on my face and neck, shadows around the eyes, the crunchy, dirty job they did on my locks… (The stylist was very proud of my ‘do; it took a long time to get it looking like someone had puked all over it.)

Warm Bodies Movie Set Visit

Part Two: Filming!
If you’ve seen the trailer, then you should know that a majority of this flick takes place at an abandoned airport. That’s where we were for what seemed like an entire day. Actual time: roughly 9 hours. Let me tell you, it’s hard work being an extra. I am literally in awe of the people who do it every day, because by the time the press left, everyone had sore ankles. No complaints, though! The scenes we shot were awesome. One involved all of us, along with the professionals — including Nick! — zombie-walking throughout the airport as a dog ran through, while being chased by “Bonies.” (In case you’re not familiar, Bonies are described as skeletons with skin stretched over them.) The other, some more of the same — minus the dog, but still cool!



Part Three: Cast Interviews
In between scenes, I had the opportunity to speak with Nick and Teresa individually. Nick mentioned that he was a fan of my makeup job (!!!), as well as how his look compares to his costume in X-Men: First Class. (Obviously, this one took way less time to put together.) Teresa is gorgeous. Do you know how hard it was to stand next to her looking like… the way I looked?! Anyway, since she always manages to work with hotties — like Alex Pettyfer in I Am Number Four — that was a clearly a hot-button topic for us. Apparently she doesn’t get phased by the guys’ looks. Hey, that’s why she’s the pro and I’m not.

Warm Bodies Movie Set Visit, Nicholas Hoult Interview

Warm Bodies Movie Set Visit, Teresa Palmer Interview

Part Four: “Cast” Shots
Prior to leaving for the day, our group was able to snap some pics to commemorate our experience. We then proceeded to the dressing rooms to de-robe, and attempt to wipe off some of the makeup. FYI, I took two baths and a shower when I got back to the hotel. Literally. That’s how much was on us. Was it exhausting? Yes. Would I do the whole Warm Bodies experience all over again? Absolutely!

Warm Bodies Set Visit

Warm Bodies hits theaters February 1, 2013. To get more of the film before it debuts, make sure to check out the zombie-filled gallery below!