Movies’s Wallflower Week: Meet Sam (Emma Watson)

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Name: Sam
Grade: Senior
Favorite class: Music
Yearbook Superlative: Most likely to become a professional dancer
Quote from the book: “Charlie… Have you ever kissed a girl?”

We are having a moment of sadness right now that Wallflower Week is coming to an end. It’s like graduation/the end of camp all rolled into one! But don’t worry, because we’re ending this week on a high note, introducing you to Emma Watson‘s character from the movie, Sam.

As we’ve said before, Sam is Patrick’s step-sister, and the two are super close. Charlie joins their little group of friends when he comes to the new school, and they start getting into all kinds of trouble with each other. Sam though, specifically, is really into music but also really into acting — she also performs in the local production of “The Rocky Horror Picture Show,” and is a bad girl but also a total softie at heart. She and Charlie become super close throughout the film, and by the end we find out that the two had more in common than they thought. And let us just say that we are SO pumped to see Emma in this role mainly because it’s the first time she’s putting on an American accent.

Be sure to check out more pics of Emma as Sam in the gallery below, and read the character bios for Logan Lerman’s Charlie, Nina Dobrev’s Candace, Mae Whitman’s Mary Elizabeth and Ezra Miller’s Patrick!

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