Less Than Three Weeks After Arrest, YouTube Star Gets Thrown in Jail Again

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If a person was arrested less than three weeks ago, one would assume he or she would proceed extremely cautiously in the following months. But you know what happens when you assume… YouTube prankster Vitaly Zdorovetskiy a.k.a. vitalyzdtv just got in trouble with the the law for climbing the Hollywood sign, but clearly his time spent with police officials wasn’t enough for him. The 24-year-old was thrown in jail again over the weekend, this time for another stunt that was beyond dumb.

On Saturday, the YouTuber came up with the brilliant idea to rush onto the court of Game 4 of the NBA Finals with the phrase “Trump Sucks” written across his bare chest. Although Vitaly’s goal was to “run out and hug” Lebron James, he only made it to about half court before police officers caught up and tackled him to the ground.

The Russian-born man spent about 15 hours in jail, but was then released. Oh, and did we mention he filmed the entire thing??

To make matters even more insane, Vitaly was actually previously arrested for streaking during the 2014 World Cup Final, and even took a selfie when he was stuck in jail. Ohhhkayyyy

Sadly, we don’t think this is the last we’ll be hearing of Vitaly’s illegal actions. Do it for the Vine YouTube video, right? Ugh.


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