Barbie’s Vintage Wardrobe is Making a Comeback, But This Time, for People!

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LBR, for many of us, playing with Barbie dolls was a HUGE part of our childhood. Unfortunately, as we got older, we started growing out of them and started moving on to some other, more mature hobbies. But, even though we sadly had to leave our Barbie phase behind, there’s no getting around the fact that we still love Barbies to this day, even if they’re in an old, dusty box somewhere in the attic.

If you’re reading this right now and you’re thinking, “Wow, this is SO relatable,” we’ve got great news for you: Barbie’s vintage wardrobe is making a comeback… but this time, you’ll get to rock the iconic clothes yourself!

That’s right, Barbie stans! The clothing brand Unique Vintage is teaming up with none other than Mattel to bring you the Unique Vintage x Barbie collection, which means your lifelong dream of becoming a real-life Barbie is finally coming true!

The new collection includes a variety of vintage styles worn by the original Mattel dolls in the ’60s, including swing dresses, sparkly wiggle gowns and, yes, even an over-the-top, super puffy, tea-length wedding dress. Yup! To say that Unique Vintage had fun recreating these fabulously old-school looks would be a BIG understatement.

As if you weren’t already totally shook by the news that you could now dress exactly like the OG Barbies, we’re so glad to share that the line is also super inclusive, with sizes that range from XS to 4XL so that everyone can enjoy!

Well, what are you waiting for, dolls? It’s time to start shopping!