6 Pairs of Viners That Were BFFs Before Starting Their Vine Accounts

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We’ve all heard plenty of stories about super A-list movie stars and musicians who knew each other before they hit it big; Ben Affleck and Matt Damon played Little League baseball together. Adele and Jessie J used to sing together at lunchtime. And, of course, the 5 Seconds of Summer boys first picked up guitars together in each other’s basements after school. Sometimes, it even seems impossible to believe — Can you image Jay Z “battling” Busta Rhymes in their school cafeteria when people still called them Shawn and Trevor? Hard, but it happened!

When it comes to the relatively new world of Vine, these six-second starlets are no different from the mainstream celebs who’ve known each other for-eh-ver. Check out these 13 Viners who were actually the best of friends before they hit it big together!