15 Viners Who Are Still Best Friends Even Though Vine is OVER

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It feels like it was just yesterday that Vine was THE app to use. We would honestly spend hours watching six-second videos until our eyeballs basically fell out. Although Vine has officially been dead since January (#RestinPeace), that doesn’t mean that some of the app’s biggest stars are also gone. Lots of ex-Viners are now making it big on YouTube, Instagram and in the music world. We always forget that Shawn Mendes and Jack & Jack got their start on Vine, TBH.

While some are thriving and continuing to create awesome content with the friends they made while using Vine, others have completely cut off communication with their former co-stars. Although the app created some of the BIGGEST fanbases, it also was pretty much the starting point of many big fights. Who could forget how awful the original Magcon guys were to each other when they first broke up?
Cameron Dallas and Nash Grier used to be the BEST of buds, and now they don’t even talk to each other.

We also have to bring up what happened between Lele Pons and Amanda Cerny drama after the 26-year-old claimed that the 21-year-old purposely tried to sabotage her career on multiple occasions. It may sometimes feel like none of our old faves are still friends, but that’s not entirely the case! There are still a ton of ex-Viners who are still besties and work together on the reg.

We know that the social media world is a super competitive industry, Which is why we love that these people make it a priority to collaborate professionally, but also support one another off camera. From the (very few) original Magcon squad members who still hang out to Vine stars who are now dating, we’ve rounded up 15 Viners who kept their friendship going strong even after the demise of the app.